Friday, November 20, 2009

Scary Moment

We experienced a scary moment today...I was totally freaking out!! Brooks and I were getting ready to leave my MawMaw's house when he climbed in the front seat and wanted to "drive." Next, he wanted my keys and then proceeded to put them into the ignition. I was chatting away to my Daddy when I realized that Brooks had closed the door and locked it with the keys inside! I was terrified that my baby would soon realize he was trapped and totally freak out. Meanwhile my Dad was trying to pick the lock and I was trying to show Brooks how to unlock the door. I kept tapping on the window trying to show him where the "unlock" button was and he just kept tapping right back at me! The neighbor across the street heard me coaching Brooks while trying to remain calm and started walking over to try and help. I guess I was loud!! Amazingly, my smart boy found the button and pushed it down, down, down and finally up!! Scary moment for sure but an even scarier moment averted! I was imagining a screaming, terrified toddler and fire trucks coming to rescue him! (Which is what the neighbor said happened when her child locked himself in at the doctor's office) Glad for a smart boy who was old enough and capable enough to figure things out!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Potty, Punkin Day, and Aunt Patricia

We finally got the hint to buy Brooks a potty after he started squatting like the dog in the yard and saying "pee pee" or "poo-poo," especially after he proceeded to actually perform what he was claiming to be doing. He is by no means potty trained but it's a start! It's also nice to not have to change every diaper! Ben picked out the soccer ball potty because it says "goal!" on the lid. Nice one dad. Brooks does love his potty even though the excitement has dwindled a little.
Here he is on his first attempt at using his new potty. I'm sure he'll thank me later for sharing these priceless pics!

Punkin Day at Mars Hill was two weekends ago, but I figure I'm good to get the pics on here at all! Aunt Patricia, and my Mom (aka Gi Gi) took Brooks you will see in the pictures he loved it. He even stood still to get his face painted! He got to ride the train, slide down a scary slide with Mama, pick up ducks, shoot a basketball,and eat a hot dog. Pretty good day for an almost two year old!

Not a great pic because Brooks wouldn't stay still but this was fun! Patricia and I actually thought the train was going to turn over at one point...a very bumpy ride!

With his Mama on the train...I LOVE my boy!

Eating chips with GiGi in the freezing cold!

He stood soooo still to get his face painted.
Later that night, we all went over to GiGi and Pop's. Brooks wanted to put on Aunt Patricia's boots...very cute. His new favorite word is Pa-chee-cha. He says it 10 times a day and it sounds very, very close to Patricia! Brooks has a great, fun aunt!
My Mom brought home a bat costume from her work-he's really going as a turtle but he loves to dress up in this at her house!

Growling and karate chopping because that's what bats do...or something like that!

Friday, September 4, 2009

1st Haircut

Brooks's actual first haircut was way back in July but with all of the changes...moving, back to school, sickness...I finally got the pictures up. Thank you Kyla for a wonderful first haircut memory!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

For Runners Everywhere...

I need some advice please! Believe it or not, I was once an avid runner back in the day-the high school days that is. Actually I was pretty obsessed since I always felt guilty if I missed a day of running. Cross-country and track had my goals in place. 10 years later...

Let's just say that this month has been HARD. Mainly physically but in other ways as well. We moved, got sick, started school, got sick some more, Brooks went to MawMaw's house all day without me, and got sick some more. Basically I have stayed sick for a month! Allergies, colds, with a good dose of stress and emotional heartache from leaving my boy.

Anyways, the sicker I get, the more caffeine I drink and the more sugar I eat to get me through the day. Thus, I feel wonderfully horrible when I get home from work.

So, I have decided to start running again. For not only my sake but for my husband's as well. I'm sure he's tired of catching my colds. So the immune system needs a big boost and soon!! I have so many dedicated friends who run and I am so impressed that I really want to join. The only trouble is WHEN??? When do I 5:3o every morning, 9:00 at night? after school when my energy is at its lowest and I need a major snack? Keep in mind to that Ben will start basketball season soon and there goes the evening babysitter.

So, please if you don't mind, let me in on your secret because I know everyone is as busy as I am! I would truly appreciate your advice and so would my poor unhealthy out of shape body!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

House Update & Thank You

First of all, I wanted to thank all of my great friends for keeping us in your prayers while we are in house "limbo." I truly appreciate your concern and just for listening to me vent!

Well...we will know tomorrow afternoon if the deal is 100% approved..that is the lady who is buying our house's loan will either go through or not by tomorrow. IF it goes through, the builder whose house we are buying has been so great and will let us move in our big stuff on Saturday. Then, we'll stay with my parents until we close on either Monday or Tuesday. So some pressure has been lifted off our shoulders by God letting us buy a house from a great builder who is willing to help us out. If it doesn't go through, we will be back to square one.

So, please continue to keep us in your prayers that it will work out according to God's plan and that I will eventually learn to let go of my constant need to be in control and let God work. It's so hard for me! But I want to so badly! Love you all.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer 2009

We have had a fantastic summer! Ben and I have bonded even more with our sweet baby. Here is most of our summer in a nutshell:
We started the summer off with Brooks's first busted lip. Both Brooks and I were hysterical. Brooks lost a lot of blood-most of which ended up on my clothes- but he was better soon with the help of his first popsicle.
Helping Daddy cut the grass is definitely a favorite pasttime. He doesn't exactly appreciate being told when it's time to stop playing with the lawnmower and come inside the house!

Brooks was visited frequently by my Mom whose name got changed from "Grams" to "GiGi" because Brooks can say "GiGi" and cannot say "Grams." Brooks ALWAYS drives GiGi's car when she comes to visit.

We watered the flowers-a lot! He is slightly obsessed with flowers-he might just be a future florist!

Brooks at the University of Alabama's Recreation Center where Ben had team camp there in June. There were about 2o hoops in one area-Brooks was in heaven!

Sporting a popsicle face

Brooks fell in love with sidewalk chalk, but he wanted to eat it! He got his first spanking over not minding and hiding behind the house and a deck chair to sneak a bite. The spanking didn't go so well...he laughed at me! I admit that I then laughed too.

On the pier with his MawMaw at Lake Guntersville. We went to Scottsboro for our annual family reunion at the end of June. Brooks had a blast.

On the way to Brooks's first airplane ride. We went to Ohio to visit Ben's parents-Brooks's Nana and Pops- for 8 days. Brooks slept the whole plane ride, so it was an easy first trip going there. He didn't sleep on the way back, but it was easy nonetheless because Brooks was awesome and content to sit in my lap. Brooks had a great time in Ohio and bonded instantly with his Nana.

I mentioned that he's obsessed with flowers, right? These are Nana's flowers and Brooks was drawn to them as soon as we got there.
Hanging out on Nana and Pops's deck...near the flowers of course.

Brooks with Mommy and Aunt Erin (Ben's sister) before baby Campbell was born. We were sad that we didn't get to see baby Cam before we left but we are so glad she is now here and healthy! Congratulations Aunt Erin and Uncle Scott!

Brooks was the life of the party! He waited until everyone in the room clapped for him after he made a basket before he attempted another shot! He's definitely a ham! My mom said he gets this from me, but even though she claims I did tricks for anyone who would watch when I was Brooks's age-I don't believe her.

Brooks just had to help his Nana water the flowers, and she was glad for his help too! :)

Stepping out onto the deck while posing for a picture. He's getting used to Mommy snapping away.

Nana and Pops took us to Price Park to feed the ducks. Brooks LOVED the ducks. "Duck" is a new word he learned to say at the beginning of the summer. He said it over and over while watching his favorite friends. (He learned to say some animal sounds while in Ohio-"moo" for a cow, "bach" for a chicken, and "me" for a kitty. He still can't say "quack" for a duck though-hasn't quite master those tricky "q" words. He also learned to say "peas" for please and how to say "shhhh" ) Then, he totally relaxed while Daddy pushed him in the swing...didn't really want to get out either!

We all enjoyed Nana and Pops's pool! Brooks loved it so much that he wanted his good pal "Elephant" to join him in the water! Elephant needed a good bath after his dip in the pool. Brooks was brave and blew his first bubbles in the pool...a future swimmer like his Mama for sure!

Brooks discovered Nana and Pops's cool closet and thought it was HILARIOUS to play peek-a-boo in it. Mommy and Daddy thought it was HILARIOUS when he accidentally came out wearing Nana's brown dress shirt!

Thank you Nana and Pops's for a great trip! We have lots of good memories from our visit!

We are sad as our summer winds down and Mommy and Daddy head back to work. But we will cherish it always and look for so many more good times as Brooks grows up-despite the fact that we don't want him to grow up! We love you Brooks!!!