Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It's been a week since the incident happened but it has been one of the major events in my life so I thought I'd share. My entire purse was stolen out of my car in my driveway last Wednesday! My cell phone, wallet, camera were all in my purse too! I was SO upset when I found out. It is definitely partly my fault- I was so consumed with getting Brooks in the house quickly because it was 4 and he hadn't had an afternoon nap yet that I grabbed him but not my belongings. I didn't remember to look for my purse until in the morning and it was gone! I totally panicked, squalled to Ben on the phone, etc. To make a long story short, the girl who took my stuff ran up a $1700 charge on my debit card by using it 20 times in the middle of the night. The last place she used it was the Economy Inn, so a police officer went over there and she had left her license there-real smart! However, I don't know he they have found my stuff yet because I can't get in touch with my investigator. I don't know how many people I have talked to that say they leave their purse and such in their car, but I can say from experience don't do it!!! The worst part of this whole thing might have to be that some creepy person was in MY driveway and in MY car. It makes me shiver to think that while she was in my driveway, my sweet baby was peacefully sleeping very close by! Not an experience that I want to go through ever again! Oh yeah, we will get our money back but probably not my phone or camera (I am so upset over losing my camera!).

Monday, May 4, 2009

Some Rain and Lots of Sunshine!

I guess I'll start with the rain first, so I can end on a happy note. Last week was grueling and completely interesting in every way! It started a week from last Saturday with us in the ER with a 104 temp (we went to Helen Keller this time because of the fiasco at ECM last time-we still love the ER at ECM for the big people but not the little ones-we were not going through THAT again). Brooks was given a steroid shot and sent home with croupe. Sunday was MISERABLE-I couldn't get him to stop crying-that is the one of the worst feelings for a Mama. He wanted me to hold him and not sit down and he only wanted his Mama. So, as much as Ben wanted to help, he couldn't! Then, Monday morning the 104 temp came back and he was breathing so fast-panting. I absolutely didn't want to go back to the ER so we got the first available appointment at Infant's and Children with Dr. Huffman-Parker. She did oh-so-many tests and she expected to find nothing new-just still battling croupe. But she found something-pneumonia in his left lung. So now he was given another shot-in the other leg- of antibiotics and sent home with oral antibiotics to start on the next day. He has gradually gotten better and better. THEN, we discovered on Thursday-FIVE-yes FIVE- new teeth! 3 molars and 2 bottom teeth had decided to make their presence during the second sickest week of his little life. No wonder there was so much misery! One more molar is still making it's way through! Presently, he still has a lingering cough, but HE IS SO MUCH BETTER (that's the sunshine after the rain). Thinking positively, I guess we're almost done with the molars!

More rain...our refrigerator, air conditioner, and garage door opener stopped working the same day!! Luckily it hasn't been too cold out lately, so we really haven't burned up too much. The double rain is that our air conditioner is going to cost us an arm and a leg-really two arms and two legs! But we'll be okay. It's getting fixed TODAY! YEA!

Some good things:
Brooks is now 15 months old and can do some new tricks:
1. says "nana" for banana
2. learned to drink from a big people's straw-he found this hilarious
3. claps wildly everytime we are in the neighborhood and see a basketball hoop-he's CRAZY about basketballs and hoops
4. says "doc, doc" for doctor and coughs on command
5. says "amen"
6. claps for himself constantly
7. loves to climb up in our sitting chair in our bedroom and just sit there and smile and wait for us to notice
8. loves to play "hide-n-seek" especially in the closets in our bathroom
9. LOVES to brush his teeth with his new toothpaste-I have to give him more about 6 times every night-but I guess it's a good habit to reinforce
10. His absolute favorite thing right now is to "cut the grass" with his toy lawn mower outside in the real grass and all over the house of course-thanks Julie Mitchell for the gift!
11. Points to birds in the sky and says "buh, buh"
12. Climbs up his Little Tykes slide all by himself-he couldn't at first and even had a tumble but now he's a pro!

Finally, here are some recent pictures to enjoy:

Playing ball with his Daddy at Gram's and Pop's house in killen. He kept wanting more but Ben got tired- or said he did at least! I think he gets his love for basketball honestly. Ben really hasn't encouraged it either-he's a natural!

More singing before bathtime with Daddy!