Sunday, August 30, 2009

For Runners Everywhere...

I need some advice please! Believe it or not, I was once an avid runner back in the day-the high school days that is. Actually I was pretty obsessed since I always felt guilty if I missed a day of running. Cross-country and track had my goals in place. 10 years later...

Let's just say that this month has been HARD. Mainly physically but in other ways as well. We moved, got sick, started school, got sick some more, Brooks went to MawMaw's house all day without me, and got sick some more. Basically I have stayed sick for a month! Allergies, colds, with a good dose of stress and emotional heartache from leaving my boy.

Anyways, the sicker I get, the more caffeine I drink and the more sugar I eat to get me through the day. Thus, I feel wonderfully horrible when I get home from work.

So, I have decided to start running again. For not only my sake but for my husband's as well. I'm sure he's tired of catching my colds. So the immune system needs a big boost and soon!! I have so many dedicated friends who run and I am so impressed that I really want to join. The only trouble is WHEN??? When do I 5:3o every morning, 9:00 at night? after school when my energy is at its lowest and I need a major snack? Keep in mind to that Ben will start basketball season soon and there goes the evening babysitter.

So, please if you don't mind, let me in on your secret because I know everyone is as busy as I am! I would truly appreciate your advice and so would my poor unhealthy out of shape body!