Friday, November 20, 2009

Scary Moment

We experienced a scary moment today...I was totally freaking out!! Brooks and I were getting ready to leave my MawMaw's house when he climbed in the front seat and wanted to "drive." Next, he wanted my keys and then proceeded to put them into the ignition. I was chatting away to my Daddy when I realized that Brooks had closed the door and locked it with the keys inside! I was terrified that my baby would soon realize he was trapped and totally freak out. Meanwhile my Dad was trying to pick the lock and I was trying to show Brooks how to unlock the door. I kept tapping on the window trying to show him where the "unlock" button was and he just kept tapping right back at me! The neighbor across the street heard me coaching Brooks while trying to remain calm and started walking over to try and help. I guess I was loud!! Amazingly, my smart boy found the button and pushed it down, down, down and finally up!! Scary moment for sure but an even scarier moment averted! I was imagining a screaming, terrified toddler and fire trucks coming to rescue him! (Which is what the neighbor said happened when her child locked himself in at the doctor's office) Glad for a smart boy who was old enough and capable enough to figure things out!!


  1. Oh wow! That is crazy! I can't believe that he figured that out. That was some good coaching. Also, I have no idea why your blog will not update!

  2. Oh gosh!!!! Glad Brooks is a smart one! and I'm glad he didn't realize what was going on!

  3. OH my gosh! WHEW, that would be scary. Yay, for Brooks being so smart :)