Monday, November 2, 2009

Potty, Punkin Day, and Aunt Patricia

We finally got the hint to buy Brooks a potty after he started squatting like the dog in the yard and saying "pee pee" or "poo-poo," especially after he proceeded to actually perform what he was claiming to be doing. He is by no means potty trained but it's a start! It's also nice to not have to change every diaper! Ben picked out the soccer ball potty because it says "goal!" on the lid. Nice one dad. Brooks does love his potty even though the excitement has dwindled a little.
Here he is on his first attempt at using his new potty. I'm sure he'll thank me later for sharing these priceless pics!

Punkin Day at Mars Hill was two weekends ago, but I figure I'm good to get the pics on here at all! Aunt Patricia, and my Mom (aka Gi Gi) took Brooks you will see in the pictures he loved it. He even stood still to get his face painted! He got to ride the train, slide down a scary slide with Mama, pick up ducks, shoot a basketball,and eat a hot dog. Pretty good day for an almost two year old!

Not a great pic because Brooks wouldn't stay still but this was fun! Patricia and I actually thought the train was going to turn over at one point...a very bumpy ride!

With his Mama on the train...I LOVE my boy!

Eating chips with GiGi in the freezing cold!

He stood soooo still to get his face painted.
Later that night, we all went over to GiGi and Pop's. Brooks wanted to put on Aunt Patricia's boots...very cute. His new favorite word is Pa-chee-cha. He says it 10 times a day and it sounds very, very close to Patricia! Brooks has a great, fun aunt!
My Mom brought home a bat costume from her work-he's really going as a turtle but he loves to dress up in this at her house!

Growling and karate chopping because that's what bats do...or something like that!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that post!!! He really will be mad at you one day for those potty pictures, haha! and I love that he says my name all the time! I hope he remembers me when we come for Christmas!!!

  2. I love the potty pics! He will get you back for that one day. And yes it was VERY cold at Punkin Day! Poor baby you made him sit outside. LOL!

  3. Great pics of a PRECIOUS boy! I still can't figure out why my blog will not update! DId you??