Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Slide, Sandbox and Dump Truck = One Happy Boy

Ben's parents, Brooks's Nana and Pops, came one week ago and got Brooks a mini slide, turtle sandbox (which is cool because my brothers and I had one as kids), and a cool dump truck. He fell totally in love with the slide and laughed every time going down. It was awesome to see complete JOY on his face. He got braver and braver too and started to lean forward going down. The sandbox took some time to get used to but after getting a bucket, some shovels, and a car and rocketship sand mold from his MawMaw (my grandma), he started venturing into the sandbox too. Of course the truck was a hit immediately! Enjoy the pics!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brooks's "Tricks"

I wanted to jot down what Brooks is up to these days at 14 months:

1. Claps his hands and stomps his feet when anyone sings "If You're Happy and You Know It" without any urgings from us.
2. Pats his head if he hears the word "brush" or "head"
3. Points to his toes if you ask him to find them
4. Starts patting like a crazy man if "Little Einsteins" come on (They have to pat to make their rocket ship go)
5. Says "mama" more than any other word but also says "baby" and "ball"
6. Calls his PawPaw "manny"-totally don't get that
7. Is almost totally off baby food-loves macaroni and cheese, pizza, juice, tangerines
8. Sleeps through the night from about 7:45 (sometimes later) til about 6:00
9. Has 6 teeth-two on bottom and four on top
10. Loves his bath time for the most part
11. LOVES OUTSIDE-he is very, very passionate about the outdoors just like his two uncles
12. Cries hysterically to go outside
13. Drives his four wheeler around-finally learned how to push the button to make it go but cannot steer so he runs into everything in the house-mainly the garbage can and the cabinets
14. LOVES TO WALK- he never crawls anymore and he always wants down...will walk around and around the house forever
15. Likes to go to the grocery store with his Daddy
16. Has to have his elephant binky and his blanket to sleep
17. Loves his paci and his bottle-not sure when he's getting off of that-I just stopped nursing and that's enough change for now
18. Has started making a weird gurgling noise-have no clue what he's try to say but he does it constantly
19. Loves to get in the "fort" with Daddy-Ben makes a "tent" with the comforter and sheets for him
20. Favorite toys are balls, trucks, anything with wheels (he's obsessed with wheels especially)
21. Loves to read and to go to his book shelf and pull every book out-then he actually looks at every book
22. Loves to swing at his MawMaw's house-a precious boy in my third grade class made Brooks a swing (with some help from his grandfather) for Christmas
23. Says that a pig goes "la, la, la"-a Sandra Boyton book has singing pigs in it so that's where that came from
24. Plays tug-of-war with the dog's stuffed cat toy and gets frustrated when he isn't winning!

That's all I can think of for now but I might add more later-he's a fun, fun little boy and is adored by his parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunt!

Wasted Money

I feel like I should complete the "key disaster" story even though I hate the ending! After we shelled out the $160 on Tuesday to pay for a tow and a new key, lo and behold, what do you know, we found the key. My mom told me we would! She's always right. It was in a crazy place...in Brooks's old diaper bag that I haven't used in months and months. However, my Grandma did send home some fresh laundry of Brooks's in it the other day, and I guess I put it in there when I was getting Brooks and the bag out of the car. We just happened to use that old bag last night at church because all we needed was a diaper, wipes, and Destin so I told Ben to grab his small bag and the key was in there!! So, now we have 3 keys-we got 2 made. Horrible, horrible waste of good money.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Key Disaster

For the ones that know me very well, this is typical Brooklyn and I hate that about myself! We are trading cars around with my mom and grandparents to get better gas mileage for Ben to drive to West Limestone or for mom and dad to drive down to see Evan. So, the key to my mom's car, which I just got back a week ago from my dad, is not on a key chain. My fault!!!! We cannot find it!!! We need the car back by tomorrow, so we are now having to pay $160 for the car to be towed to the Ford dealership and for them to make a new key for us. (My parents used to have an extra key but it's lost-I guess I get it honestly. Not from you Mom, but from Dad). I am going against my "girlness" but I hate, hate to spend money. I always feel guilty. So, the $160 is killing me! I am so mad at myself. But I guess I learned a valuable lesson: never, never, never carry around a single key!!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Proud Mama

Brooks is the wonder walking kid now! He doesn't want to do anything BUT walk. He's so wobbly and falls often or runs into the trash can or the cabinet, but it's the highlight of my day! I can't get wait to get home to see him wobble around the house. He walks in circles around the house. A not-so-proud-mama moment is when he constantly cries to go outside. He is OBSESSED! I haven't swatted his little hand yet, but the thought has occurred to me. Dare I?